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Bulalaka Village Horror: Community Devastated by Brutal Double Murder

The tranquility of Bulalaka village, nestled within Sala Parish, Tirinyi sub-county of Kibuku District in eastern Uganda, has been shattered by a horrific double murder that has left the community reeling in shock and devastation. The bodies of Twaha Namwoyo, 38, and his wife, Nasim Katooko, 27, were discovered lifeless in their own compound, their bodies bearing grisly wounds and surrounded by pools of blood, triggering widespread fear and anguish among residents.

As authorities scramble to uncover the motive behind this heinous crime, a frantic manhunt ensues for the perpetrators, who continue to evade capture and sow terror in the community.

Samuel Semewo, the North Bukedi Regional Police Spokesperson, expresses grave concern over the surge in violent attacks in the region, prompting heightened vigilance among law enforcement agencies. Initial reports suggest a swift response from the police following a distress call from Charles Namba, a district councilor from Tirinyi Sub County, signaling the start of a thorough investigation.

At the crime scene, investigators painstakingly gather evidence, including a blood-stained axe and two knives, essential in piecing together the sequence of events leading to the tragic demise of the couple. Witness testimonies are meticulously recorded, and the victims’ bodies are transferred to Mbale Regional Hospital for comprehensive examination by the police surgeon.

Amid the prevailing atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, calls for bolstered security measures reverberate throughout the community. Residents plead for increased patrols and intensified community policing efforts to restore a sense of safety and bring the perpetrators to swift justice.

Peter Mwigo, a concerned resident, reflects the collective grief and anguish engulfing the village as the perpetrators remain at large, casting a dark shadow over the once-peaceful community. Samuel Musiho, Kibuku Resident District Commissioner and chairperson of the district security committee, condemns the barbaric act in the strongest terms, vowing to mobilize all available resources to ensure justice is served and to prevent further acts of violence from plaguing the community.


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