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A Pass Takes a Stand: Battling Unlicensed Distribution

In 2021, dancehall singer A Pass took a stand against local websites that distributed songs by local artists without compensation. He urged them to remove his music from their platforms, emphasizing that he wasn’t targeting local radios, TVs, or DJs but specifically websites. A Pass argued that these websites hindered his fans from accessing his music through legitimate streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

Recently, A Pass released his 42-track self-titled album. However, despite his previous stance, a local website known for promoting local artists and their music has featured his album, including the track “True Story,” which they praised for its “great composition.” A Pass swiftly demanded the removal of his music and name from the website, accusing them of selling his music without permission and asserting his rights.

His response echoes his previous actions, recalling his confrontation with websites in 2021. At that time, rapper GNL Zamba joined him, expressing a similar sentiment of wanting direct payment for his work. However, GNL Zamba noted the consequences, as some media outlets linked to local websites ceased playing his music and excluded him from award nominations.


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