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Uganda’s Parliament Passes Aviation Authority Amendment Bill 2024 for International Compliance

Uganda’s Parliament has recently passed the 2024 amendment to the Civil Aviation Authority Bill, aiming to align the country’s aviation regulations with the Convention on International Civil Aviation. The approved amendments, numbering eight, are now awaiting the President’s assent. The legislation grants authority to a chief investigator, ensuring thorough investigations into aircraft accidents or serious incidents in Uganda or any contracting state. Notably, the chief investigator, a highly qualified individual with extensive experience in the airline industry, will lead inquiries into incidents involving Ugandan-registered aircraft or those operated by Ugandan operators.

Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa highlighted the bill’s urgency, emphasizing its connection to airport certification and the need to address audit findings promptly. Minister for Works and Transport, Gen. Katumba Wamala, stressed Uganda’s commitment to comply with international standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). An audit conducted in September 2023 identified gaps in the Civil Aviation Act, prompting the need for legislative adjustments to avoid adverse audit findings that could impact the country’s aviation safety reputation.

The new legislation empowers inspectors with unrestricted access to aircraft, aerodromes, and aviation facilities, enhancing oversight capabilities. It also facilitates recognition of agreements with third-party states, in line with the Chicago Convention’s Article 83 bis, supporting cross-border aviation transactions. The law includes provisions for the protection of investigation records, preventing the disclosure of sensitive information during ongoing investigations.

While concerns were raised about the limitations on the chief investigator in releasing information to the public, Katumba Wamala emphasized the importance of preserving information to safeguard operators and ensure efficient investigations. The amended bill reflects Uganda’s commitment to ICAO standards, aiming to enhance aviation safety and security within the country.


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