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Kasangati ForteBet-Alex Muhangi Soccer Tour: A Spectacular Event

May’s Kasangati ForteBet-Alex Muhangi soccer tour was an unforgettable event for all involved. Held monthly and organized by ForteBet in collaboration with brand ambassador Alex Muhangi, the event combined meaningful community outreach with exciting soccer matches.

Community Outreach at Kasangati Health Centre IV

The day began with a heartwarming act of generosity. ForteBet and Alex Muhangi donated mama kits to expectant mothers at Kasangati Health Centre IV. Muhangi personally handed over the donations to Sarah Kityo, the facility in-charge, demonstrating ForteBet’s commitment to supporting the local community.

Thrilling Soccer Matches at Wampeewo Playground

After the community outreach, the spotlight shifted to Wampeewo playground, where teams representing various ForteBet branches competed in knockout matches. The games were highly competitive and filled with excitement, culminating in a victory for Manyangwa Centre.

Generous Rewards for Teams and Players

The triumphant Manyangwa Centre team was awarded 500,000 UGX, footballs, and club jerseys. The second-place team received 300,000 UGX, balls, and jerseys, while the other participating teams each received 100,000 UGX, jerseys, and balls. Exceptional individual players were also recognized with prizes such as phones and headsets.


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