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ForteBet Celebrates EPL Season Finale with Loyal Customers in Uganda

The 2023/2024 English Premier League (EPL) season ended with a bang, and ForteBet made sure to celebrate this thrilling conclusion with its dedicated customers across Uganda. As Arsenal and Manchester City battled for the championship, with City ultimately taking the title, ForteBet turned the season’s final day into a memorable celebration for its patrons.

Engaging Customers on Match Day

On the climactic final day of the season, while teams fought for their final standings, the ForteBet team, led by brand ambassador Alex Muhangi, took the opportunity to connect with their loyal customers. This engagement demonstrated ForteBet’s commitment to maintaining strong relationships and ensuring a superior betting experience.

Showing Appreciation with Generous Rewards

In recognition of their customers’ loyalty, ForteBet distributed a range of rewards including wristbands, pens, T-shirts, and jerseys from popular European teams. Lucky customers received premium gifts such as mobile phones. Additionally, in a special community gesture, over 100 bodaboda riders in Mbarara were provided with reflector jackets, promoting their safety and visibility.

Strengthening Community Bonds

ForteBet’s celebration of the EPL season finale highlights the company’s dedication to community engagement and customer appreciation. This event not only celebrated the end of an exhilarating football season but also reinforced the strong bond between ForteBet and its customers.


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