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Bishop Takes Stand Against Promenade Parties in Church Schools

Bishop Enos Kitto Kagodo of Mukono Diocese has made a bold decision to ban promenade dances and parties in church schools, citing concerns over disciplinary issues and misconduct. The bishop expressed dismay over reports of “coupling” and drug abuse during prom events, noting that some students resort to drugs to overcome social inhibitions.

Promenade, a traditional dance party for high school students, has become increasingly popular in Uganda, with schools organizing elaborate events towards the end of the academic year. However, Bishop Kagodo raised alarm over the negative impact of such gatherings on students’ moral and academic development.

Addressing headteachers from church-owned schools in several districts, Bishop Kagodo emphasized the need to uphold values of discipline and responsibility. He underscored the contradiction between school rules promoting discipline and the lenient approach towards promenade parties, where students often engage in inappropriate behavior.

The bishop’s decision to ban promenade parties reflects a broader concern within the education community about the erosion of traditional values and the influence of external factors on students’ behavior. With a total of 270 church-owned schools under Mukono Diocese, Bishop Kagodo’s ban is expected to have a significant impact on school culture.

Susan Wamala Sserunkuuma, chairperson of the Mukono diocesan headteachers’ association, voiced support for Bishop Kagodo’s decision, acknowledging the challenges posed by promenade parties. She emphasized the importance of fostering a culture of discipline and accountability among students, with the involvement of parents and teachers.

Recent incidents, including extravagant displays of wealth and luxury at prom events, have drawn criticism from education authorities and the public alike. Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo, the State Minister for Higher Education, condemned such displays, urging schools to prioritize academic excellence and moral values.

In taking a stand against promenade parties, Bishop Kagodo aims to promote a culture of discipline and integrity in church schools, ensuring that students can thrive in a conducive learning environment. By addressing concerns about misconduct and indiscipline, the bishop seeks to uphold the values of the church and safeguard students’ well-being.


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