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Court Upholds Seizure of King Mumbere’s Property Amid Legal Proceedings

In a significant judicial decision, the International Crimes Division of the High Court has upheld the seizure of property belonging to King Charles Wesley Mumbere of the Rwenzururu Kingdom. The ruling, delivered by Justice Alice Komuhangi Khaukha, maintains that the seized items, which include the King’s residential palace, vehicles, and personal firearm, are essential exhibits in the ongoing trial of his former Prime Minister, Thembo Kitsumbire.

Justice Komuhangi emphasized the importance of preserving the integrity of the ongoing trial, stating that releasing the property at this stage could potentially prejudice the case. The court referenced specific legal provisions that prohibit the release or destruction of exhibits until all avenues for appeal have been exhausted.

Despite arguments from King Mumbere’s legal representatives that charges against him were dropped in June 2023, the court highlighted that Kitsumbire’s trial remains unresolved. Therefore, the retention of the seized property is deemed necessary until the conclusion of Kitsumbire’s trial.

The background of the case reveals that King Mumbere and his former Prime Minister were arrested in 2016 following violent clashes involving the Rwenzururu Kingdom and security forces. While charges against King Mumbere were withdrawn, Kitsumbire continues to face trial for offenses related to the 2016 events.

This ruling underscores the court’s commitment to ensuring the integrity of legal proceedings and upholding established legal procedures. Until Kitsumbire’s trial reaches its conclusion, King Mumbere’s seized property will remain under the jurisdiction of the court.


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