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Looming Questions: Motive Unknown in Deadly Shooting

The Natete Territorial Police in Kampala has reported a tragic incident of murder by shooting that occurred at 6pm on Sunday evening in Kikandwa Zone, Lungujja Parish, Lubaga Division. The victim, Mr. Daniel Bbosa, held esteemed positions as the head of Ndiga Clan and director of Transa Electrical. Mr. Bbosa was fatally shot by unidentified assailants as he was approaching his residence. Riding on a motorcycle, the assailants opened fire on Mr. Bbosa’s vehicle, registered as UAH 637X, resulting in his immediate demise. During the harrowing event, a brave local resident intervened, causing the assailants’ motorcycle to crash and alerting the community. Consequently, community members mobilized, leading to a confrontation with the assailants, resulting in the death of one assailant at the scene, while the other remains in critical condition.

Luke Owoyesigyire, Deputy Police Spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan Police, stated, “The motive behind this senseless act of violence remains unknown, and efforts are underway to identify and apprehend the perpetrators.” He also mentioned, “We have recovered the firearm allegedly used in the murder incident, along with the motorcycle registered as UEX 754E, which was utilized by the assailants during the attack. These findings will be instrumental in our ongoing investigation.”


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