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Butcher’s Aggression: Policeman Injured in Ibanda Operation

Police in Ibanda are currently investigating a troubling altercation involving a 50-year-old butcher named Kelesensio Mwesigye and a 34-year-old policeman, Justus Najuna. The incident occurred during a law enforcement operation aimed at preventing the spread of animal diseases in the district.

The police team, dispatched from Ibanda Central Police Station (CPS), arrived at Mabonwa around 3 am on Saturday following reports of illegal animal slaughter activities that could potentially lead to the spread of anthrax or Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD).

Upon arrival, the officers witnessed individuals slaughtering and skinning a cow. After identifying themselves, five suspects cooperated and surrendered their weapons. However, the situation escalated when another suspect emerged from a nearby banana plantation and attacked Officer Najuna, inflicting a severe neck injury with a knife.

Prompt intervention from PC Okello Mondry, who shot the suspect in the thigh, prevented further harm to Officer Najuna. Both the suspect and the injured officer were promptly taken to Ruhoko Health Centre IV for medical attention.

Authorities have collected evidence from the scene, including confiscated meat, weapons, and photographs. Ibanda RDC Caleb Tukaikiriza strongly condemned the incident, stressing the importance of adhering to government regulations.

Tukaikiriza assured the public that the suspect would face legal consequences for violating the law and assaulting a policeman on duty. He reiterated the commitment to enforcing measures to combat the spread of foot and mouth disease and anthrax, warning that individuals flouting restrictions would be held accountable.


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