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Kizza Besigye’s Strategy: Peaceful Power Transition Before the Next Polls

Dr. Kizza Besigye, a recurrent presidential candidate in Uganda, has urged the nation’s citizens to establish local groups with the goal of transferring power from President Museveni before the 2026 general elections. On April 3rd, Dr. Besigye addressed the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leaders and supporters from the Greater Mbarara region at the Katonga section’s consultative meeting, which took place at the Mbarara Catholic Social Center.

The meeting’s participants suggested the creation of a new political party and recommended Dr. Besigye as the leader for the 2026 elections. This proposal was supported by students from Bishop Stuart University (BSU), who endorsed Dr. Besigye as their choice for the presidential race in 2026.

Arnold Ankunda, the Guild President of BSU, announced their endorsement, “We have selected you as our Presidential Candidate for 2026, and our support does not hinge on your party affiliation. We anticipate your leadership.” Stanley Katembeya, the FDC Chairperson for Mbarara City, also indicated the community’s willingness to support Dr. Besigye if he opts for a fifth presidential bid.

“The residents of Mbarara are rallying behind your candidacy in 2026, in recognition of your extensive efforts for them,” he expressed.

Amon Twesigomwe, the FDC chairperson for Rwampara District, also highlighted the local agreement that Dr. Besigye’s leadership is indispensable for the new political venture and that his name should be on the ballot in the 2026 election.

In his response, Dr. Besigye called for immediate collective action, advocating for a peaceful transition of power without waiting for the election year. “The focus should not be on 2026. The imperative for change is immediate, and it can be realized through peaceful collective action,” he stated.

He spoke against the use of violence for political change, suggesting that unity and understanding among the people could lead to a quick and peaceful shift in power.

“Imagine if we collectively decide to cease food supplies to Kampala starting next week. Such a united action could prompt the authorities to consider the people’s needs. The essence of change lies in unity and sacrifice,” he elaborated.

Dr. Besigye appealed to the Ugandan populace to aid him in his quest to unseat President Museveni before his 70th birthday.

“As I near my 68th birthday this April, I am cognizant of the biblical reference to a lifespan of 70 years, or 80 for those who are strong. We cannot linger for President Museveni, who has surpassed 80 and still holds onto power,” he reflected.

He emphasized that President Museveni’s main concern is the unity of the people, which he perceives as a threat, as it is the core strength of any struggle. “Our struggle is not about party lines; it is a united effort against subjugation. The formation of the United Forces of Change (UFC) was an initiative for unity, which faced immediate opposition from the state,” he noted.

Dr. Besigye also addressed the internal discord within the National Unity Platform Party (NUP), urging a concentration on the collective fight rather than on internal conflicts.

“Our struggle is not for the pursuit of leadership; it is about restoring the rightful power and authority to the people of Uganda, which has been withheld since 1966,” he concluded.

The FDC’s Katonga section is persistently engaging with their supporters in Western Uganda, beginning with Greater Mbarara. Their schedule includes visits to Kabale District on April 4th, Rukungiri on April 5th, and Bushenyi on April 6th.


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