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Jesus Navers Veran Faces Legal Trouble for Census Obstruction

In a controversial stand against the National Housing and Population Census 2024, Navers Veran, who identifies as the Son of God and leader of the King of Star Glopper of Eden Church, has been remanded to Butuntumula Prison. Veran’s refusal to allow census enumerators to count his followers at their home in Luweero District has led to his arrest and subsequent legal battle.

Veran’s actions are rooted in his belief that his congregation is already ‘counted by God’ and that participating in the census is a ‘worldly activity’ they do not subscribe to. This religious conviction has put him at odds with the government’s efforts to gather demographic data for national planning.

The court’s decision to remand Veran and his associate, Erishani Day Gresher, without bail reflects the seriousness of the offense in the eyes of the law. The case has sparked debate about the extent to which religious beliefs can exempt individuals from civic duties.

As the trial date approaches, Veran’s stance and the legal outcome will be closely watched for their implications on the balance between religious freedom and government mandates.


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