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Tuko Pamoja (We Are One) Docuseries Celebrates Uganda’s Heroes and Unity in Diversity

Renowned Ugandan film production company, Nyati Motion Pictures, is set to release the “Tuko Pamoja” (We Are One) docuseries, which explores Uganda’s historical heroes and the theme of unity in diversity. The series, directed by Dr. Evelyn Cindy Magara and written by Rogers Atukunda, delves into Uganda’s pre-colonial history and geopolitical dynamics from 1870-1900, emphasizing the unity that existed among different tribes and nations.

The docuseries consists of thirteen independent segments, each focusing on specific regions such as Bunyoro-Kitara, Buganda, Busoga, Tooro, Ankole, Kigezi, Breakaway Kingdoms, The Luo, The Ateker, The Peoples of Rwenzori, The Peoples of Eastern Uganda, West Nile, and Uganda: The Making of a Nation. The film aims to promote national cohesion by highlighting the shared history and common identity of Ugandans.

Nyati Motion Pictures, known for its groundbreaking films such as “Fate,” has a track record of contributing to Uganda’s film industry. “Tuko Pamoja” is expected to foster a sense of unity by revisiting historical narratives and dispelling divisive narratives propagated during the colonial era. Dr. Cindy Magara emphasizes the relevance of the series to contemporary East Africa, especially in the context of regional efforts to enhance unity through organizations like the East African Community and the African Union.

The film explores the resistance against British imperialism and features key historical figures like Omukama Kabaleega of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, King Mwanga of Buganda Kingdom, Chief Awich of Payira, and Queen Muhumuza of Kigezi. By retracing these historical footsteps, the series addresses crucial issues such as democracy, neo-colonialism, integration, peace, and stability on the African continent.

The independent premieres of each segment are scheduled to take place from February to June 2024, bringing this unique exploration of Uganda’s history to a wider audience.


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