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Pressure Mounts: President Museveni’s New Cabinet Sparks Speculation

Pressure Grows as Ugandan Ministers Await President Museveni’s Cabinet Shuffle

As President Museveni finalizes his new Cabinet, tension mounts among Ugandan Ministers. Notably, Museveni’s absence from a recent Cabinet meeting at State House Entebbe has fueled speculation about imminent changes. Sources suggest that Museveni’s absence from the weekly Monday morning Cabinet session is rare, prompting speculation about upcoming shifts.

In response to public speculation, President Museveni’s deputy spokesperson, Farouk Kirunda, called for calm, stating that any Cabinet reshuffle would be communicated through official channels. Meanwhile, Ministers are actively lobbying to retain their positions, with some resorting to personal appeals to the President and leveraging personal connections to secure their spots.

The government plans to introduce Bills aimed at rationalizing agencies across key sectors, including Education, Internal Affairs, Natural Resources and Environment, and Works and Transport. This restructuring is expected to pave the way for the appointment of new Cabinet Ministers.

Recent reports of a leaked list of new Cabinet Ministers, which included military personnel, have stirred unrest within State House. However, the list was reportedly withdrawn by President Museveni for undisclosed reasons.

With Museveni having planned Cabinet changes since late December 2023, the atmosphere in Cabinet is described as tense. Many Ministers are apprehensive about potential changes, particularly as the 2026 elections draw closer.

In political circles, it’s speculated that Museveni is awaiting the passage of Bills by Parliament before announcing his new Cabinet. Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja recently announced plans to introduce Bills aimed at rationalizing agencies across various sectors.


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