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Late Mowzey Radio’s Father Declines Attendance at Annual Memorial Service: A Story of Disputes and Beliefs

The father of the late Mowzey Radio has made it clear that he is not inclined to attend the annual memorial service dedicated to his departed son.

Every year, this commemorative event takes place at the burial site of the late singer in Kagga Nakawuka on the 1st of February. It serves as a gathering for fans, family, and relatives who come together to offer prayers for the eternal peace of Mowzey Radio’s soul.

It is important to note that disagreements arose between the father and mother after Mowzey Radio’s demise, specifically regarding the choice of his final resting place. While the father wished for his son to be interred at their ancestral burial grounds in Fort Portal, the mother insisted on Nakawuka as the ultimate location.

The father, who had returned to work after a mourning period of six years, revealed that he has several children, some of whom he is unaware of their current whereabouts. Additionally, he conveyed his lack of readiness to partake in Mowzey Radio’s memorial service, citing his identity as a born-again Christian and his disbelief in the practice of praying for the deceased.

Moreover, he stressed his inability to visit Radio’s burial ground until he resolves the disagreements with his ex-wife, Kasuubo Jane, who is also Mowzey Radio’s mother.


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