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Thrilling Matches at Paridi Playground: June’s ForteBet-Alex Muhangi Soccer Tour

June’s Adjuman ForteBet-Alex Muhangi soccer tour was a memorable event for all involved. Organized by ForteBet in partnership with their brand ambassador, Alex Muhangi, this monthly tour has become a highlight for soccer enthusiasts.

Held at Paridi Playground, the tournament featured teams from various ForteBet branches competing in knockout matches. Adjuman Club B Centre emerged victorious, taking home 500,000 UGX, footballs, and club jerseys. The runners-up received 300,000 UGX, footballs, and jerseys, while other teams were awarded 100,000 UGX, jerseys, and footballs. Exceptional individual players were also recognized with gifts such as phones and headsets.


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