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Kyanja Resident Remanded to Luzira Over Cyber Harassment Charges

Cox Kibedi, a 48-year-old resident of Kyanja Ring Road, has been placed in remand at Luzira until February 2, 2024, on three counts of cyber harassment. The charges stem from an alleged posting of an explicit video link on Facebook targeting Agaba Rebecca. This led to his appearance before Buganda Road Chief Magistrate Samuel Kayiizi.

During the court proceedings, Kibede refuted the charges, contending that Facebook operates outside Uganda, making the accusations unfounded. Despite his denial, the magistrate ordered his remand pending further investigations.

This incident is not the first involving Kibede, with records revealing a history of inappropriate conduct towards women dating back to 2021. He is accused of consistently harassing and abusing women who reject his advances, often resorting to offensive language. Accusations include labeling them as prostitutes and criticizing those who choose to bleach their skin.


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