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Pia Pounds: Navigating Expectations After ‘Tupaate

Pia Pounds is addressing the high expectations her fans harbor for her to deliver another chart-topping hit, akin to the success of her single ‘Tupaate.’ Launched on September 25, 2020, ‘Tupaate’ not only dominated playlists for over a year but also propelled Pia Pounds, whose real name is Tracy Kirabo, into the limelight, expanding her fanbase significantly. Despite the newfound success, Pia Pounds is grappling with the pressure to replicate the achievement with another blockbuster track.

The 27-year-old artist, in a conversation with Sanyuka TV, shared insights into her ongoing journey of self-discovery. She remains optimistic that another significant hit will come her way, emphasizing that she has not halted her investment in her craft and continues to work diligently toward her goals. Pia Pounds urged her fans not to burden her with excessive expectations, stating, “I am an artist who is still discovering herself. Sometimes you make a song so big that it scares you on what to do next, but you just have to keep working hard and investing in your craft. It’s a matter of time before you make another banger.”

Despite recognizing the intensifying competition in the music industry, Pia Pounds remains unfazed, noting that competition has always been present since she embarked on her musical journey. She acknowledged her intentional absence from the media, explaining that it is a strategic move to safeguard her brand and focus on creating quality music. She clarified, “No, I’m not absent (from the scene). It’s true I pulled out a bit; I try to stay away from the media, but I have good music.”

Addressing rumors about her personal life affecting her career, Pia Pounds categorically denied allegations of being an alcoholic. She dismissed such claims as baseless and urged those spreading such rumors to find more meaningful endeavors. “First of all, I don’t even drink alcohol. Those are pure lies, and people spreading such rumors should find something else to do,” she asserted, refuting any connection between her personal habits and the perceived direction of her music career.


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